Safe ferries – stable cutters

We first lead intensive talks with the client and enquire about his wishes and needs – and only then do we get started with the construction plans and drafts. Whatever you imagine for your ship, we make your vision a reality as far as possible – so that everyone is satisfied in the end. Naturally, we also store finalised blueprints in our databank to ensure we have access to whatever we need, whenever we need it. We also take care of the development of passenger ships for mudflat regions and for inland waterways, as well as cargo and special ships.

More than 80 new ships have
left the yard to date.

We are making a name for ourself in the development of passenger ships and ferries which continually navigate in waters of the Wadden Sea mudflat region. What’s more, in the rugged northern area of the North Sea, 30 fishing vessels made by us in Oldersum are standing the test of time with braveur.

With “WINDFORCE I”, which we delivered in 2009, we developed an exemplary vessel for the supply of offshore wind farms in the North Sea.