High safety – full flexiblity

A gem in the seas is the retrofitted and overhauled passenger and car ferry “Ditzum”, which commutes across the Ems River between Ditzum and Petkum. It is proof that we are able to perfectly combine the tradition of shipbuilding with modern processes and needs at the shipyard.

The shipbuilders focus on safety technology and are ahead when it comes to the cost-effective realisation of complex EU regulations.

At the heart of our yard is the turning shop, where the well-oiled team ensures the highest quality with every repair and retrofit. Experts for the all-important rust-proofing of ships are on-site at our yard, as well as our specialists for plumbing and piping. You as our customer always have a single and direct point of contact who is there for you to take care of any questions or concerns you have. This allows for full flexibility and gives you the space you need for short-term modifications.